Project Description

ViON Hitachi

Paid Advertising




Paid Advertising

The Challenge

The ViON team was looking to engage with new clients in the commercial space. Since this was a new market for them, they wanted to generate some interest among potential buyers for their sales teams.

The Solution

Yeager developed a paid media campaign with ads targeted to companies in select industries and geographical regions. A series of 9 ads and 3 landing pages were created, specifically designed to engage viewers with existing Vion content. Each landing page supported 3-4 content assets that dynamically changed the featured content based upon which ad the customer clicked on. All pages were tagged for Google Analytics and incorporated HotJar to track landing page behavior, which helped us to adjust page layout and content to audience preferences. Campaign reporting was tied to a Data Studio Report for close, on-demand monitoring week to week. As part of the campaign, Yeager tested 3 channels including Google Paid, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well a retargeting.

The Results

Through our testing approach, we were able to quickly determine that LinkedIn was the top performing channel and optimize the ad spend to focus on these highly engaged and targeted prospects. As Yeager continued to adjust and optimize the program, the campaign achieved a run rate that consistently yielded 5-6 very qualified leads per day. The campaign hit its goal a month sooner than the anticipated end date ending with 70+ new leads for the ViON team.