VMware Customer

Reference Book




Sales Enablement

The Challenge

The Veeam Field Marketing Team wanted to communicate their powerful value proposition working with partners and tell the stories of their customers’ successes in a way that would be engaging and comprehensive – making the most of the moments of engagement with a customer and giving them the opportunity to go deeper and learn more easily.

The Solution

Working in collaboration, Yeager and Veeam created a series of Customer Reference Books, including this one created specifically for VMware that highlights the Veeam + VMware partnership and value proposition to customers. The deliverable was provided print-ready, as well as in digital format for both Veeam and VMware marketing and sales teams to use in their global markets.

The Results

The asset provides a clarifying overview of the partnership between the companies, as well as the value proposition their solutions bring to market when used together. In less than a year, the campaign generated 936 responses and 353 leads. It also received more than 1,400 page views, with an average view time of nearly 10 minutes.