Pure Storage

Flash Campaign


Pure Storage


Account-Based Marketing, Executive Door Openers

The Challenge

Flash storage is the future of data storage, and Pure was a first-to-market player solely focused on this technology. While Flash is faster and more efficient than traditional disk storage, it can cost more upfront and requires companies to think long-term about their data storage return on investment over time. Pure wanted the opportunity to get in front of decision-makers to have this conversation and to build confidence in Pure’s technology, as well as the company. Pure hired Yeager—aware of their experience in campaigns that secure in-person appointments with executive decision-makers.

The Solution

Yeager created an integrated 3D executive-door-opener program with the focus driving sales meetings for Pure Storage sales representatives. A custom developed and branded box was mailed out that included a personalized sales letter to the prospect, along with a case for Bose sound-cancelling headphones. If the prospect agreed to meet with Pure, the rep would bring the Bose QuietComfort headphones to thank them for their time. Also included in the program was a coordinating email with the same look and feel that Pure sent to all contacts if phone contact wasn’t made after a week, as well as a landing page where recipients of the mailer could request a meeting.

Yeager supported global implementation for the project to contacts throughout the EMEA and APAC regions. Due to tax concerns and increased shipping costs, fulfillment for international markets was handled locally.

The Results

The program achieved excellent results including:
– 1000 total mailers – 590 in the U.S. and the balance sent to international contacts
– U.S. conversion to appointment ratio topped 12%
– Estimated pipeline from the program is in excess of $3.5 million