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Fund EZ Rebrand

and Go-to-Market


Fund EZ


Paid Digital Ads
Branding & Messaging

Fund EZ Rebrand and Go-to-Market


Fund EZ


Paid Digital Ads
Messaging and Branding
Thought Leadership Content


For over 25 years, Fund EZ has simplified accounting for nonprofits by delivering high-quality software and support built uniquely for 501c3 organizations. With specialized features, built-in reporting, affordable modules for fundraising, Medicare, foster care and more, and exceptional support, Fund EZ helps non-profits save time, money and risk so they can focus on what you do best—helping others.


Fund EZ approached Yeager with the goal launching a consistent marketing effort to maintain customers and drive new sales leads. To compete against established accounting applications as well as newer SaaS providers, the company also needed a brand overhaul including updated and clarified value proposition messaging, a new visual brand, high-value thought leadership content, and a refresh of their website.


Yeager worked with Fund EZ first on messaging and visual brand, which gave us the foundation for the website overhaul. Messaging used our proven process to outline the company value proposition, key message pillars and proof points to support each pillar. The visual brand included a new company logo, color palette, typography, iconography, patterns and an image library that better represented Fund EZ’s non-profit customers.

For the website update we rethought the site navigation and page structure to bring more attention to the attributes of Fund EZ’s software for their non-profit customers, as well as the add-on modules for specific accounting needs such as Medicare, fundraising and foster care.

While the website was being worked on, we developed 2 thought leadership assets that would be used to identify leads for website visitors, as well as for planned marketing efforts.

Fund EZ Messaging Framework

Messaging Framework

Fund EZ Brand Guide

Brand Standards Guide

Fund EZ Website

Website on computer and mobile


Once the foundational elements were complete, we launched a targeted campaign on LinkedIn to help Fund EZ build a following and drive new targeted leads.

Fund EZ Whitepaper

Whitepaper cover

Fund EZ eBook

eBook layouts


Fund EZ had a LinkedIn company page, but only 7 followers. In the first 3 months of the campaign, we were able to increase their followers to 80. Additionally we ran a sponsored content lead generation program targeting key contacts at mid-size non-profit organizations. The program resulted in over 30 marketing-qualified leads to date which are being nurtured and followed up by the Fund EZ team.

LinkedIn Organic and Sponsored Content Ads