FlexPod Website


NetApp, Cisco



The Challenge

The goal of the engagement was to make the FlexPod website the hub of both partner and customer-facing content and to direct as much traffic to the site as possible. The website was part of an omnichannel marketing effort to drive awareness and generate leads.

Yeager and NetApp knew that FlexPod.com needed to be the premier authority for all content related to converged infrastructure. The companies planned to reach this objective by leading with a converged infrastructure message on the FlexPod site, and minimally on the NetApp and Cisco sites. But one of the first challenges the team faced was finding a way to create and publicize content on FlexPod.com that would not lure away traffic from the main NetApp or Cisco sites.

The Solution

Yeager got to work collaborating with NetApp’s SEO team and mapping out a plan that would align keywords and descriptors, and divide them strategically between the NetApp site and FlexPod site. This strategy was intended to reduce the likelihood of the content on the FlexPod site cannibalizing the visitors drawn to NetApp’s home page by its own content.

Beyond revamping the website copy for SEO purposes, Yeager helped to reimagine the direction of the entire FlexPod site. There had previously been an emphasis on product-centric copy, focusing on product features and sales talking points. But this approach had proven to be ineffective and limited. So Yeager and NetApp worked together to shift the entire focal point of the website to take a solution-oriented slant instead.

Today, the site is structured to offer solutions viewed through verticals and use cases. Customers can come to the site and drive down into the product that’s best suited for them, based on the end result they’re hoping to accomplish or their specific industry needs. The content is also developed and presented in many different formats, from copy and imagery to videos and infographics. This variety allows for all prospects to find content that resonates with them, and products that solve their most pressing problems.

Finally, Yeager and NetApp wanted to maximize all the content being produced, so they regularly repurpose content pieces into new formats for new uses. They also post content to websites like TechTarget.com as well as syndicate their content, with all of it driving back to the main FlexPod website. There is concurrently an ongoing social campaign in effect that pushes prospects and customers to the site, as well as email campaigns that are frequently run in order to notify partners about events, case studies and general information. This fresh and strategic omnichannel approach has been driving a surge of engagement with the FlexPod site, and working to make FlexPod.com the number one authority on converged infrastructure.

The Results

The new website and marketing tactics for FlexPod have been in effect for two months, and have already achieved the following results:
– 2,064 visitors in 60 days (up almost 74%)
– 61.47% bounce rate (down 7%)
– 352 return visits (up 13%)
– Top Sources (direct, Google, NetApp.com)