Education Roadshow in a Box


Dell EMC


Sales Enablement, Channel

The Challenge

Dell was looking for a way to better equip its partners and ultimately encourage and enable more sales of its Windows 10 product. The company also wanted to further awareness of its future-ready classroom concept, which is the idea that Dell and Windows technology can be incorporated into K-12 classrooms in order to engage students and prepare them for jobs of the future. Dell brought in Yeager Marketing in order to create educational materials and formalize a campaign that would improve partner engagement and create pipeline.

The Solution

Yeager came up with the idea of a “Roadshow in a Box” and included all the resources needed to incentivize partners, while helping them educate customers and roll out a pop-up road show. Included in this box was a pop-up banner and leave-behind materials that partners could give to customers when they came to an event or meetup. Yeager also crafted a turnkey email campaign that partners could customize for their customers and send through their own email channels. Other materials made for this “Roadshow in a Box” were a pre-scripted deck that partners could use to present detailed information about Windows 10 to their customers, and how Dell and Microsoft technology can be used in the classroom to power better learning and shape savvy future leaders. They also put together an in-depth social media calendar with pre made posts that partners could copy and paste into their own social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to engage partners and attract new prospects. Yeager put together an infographic about future-ready classrooms and Dell and Microsoft technologies that partners could share with their audience as well. All of these aspects were created in order to help partners walk their audiences through building their own future-ready classrooms and educating them accordingly.The step-by-step campaign also contained several “Extra Credit” opportunities that partners could pursue if they wanted to, like requesting an Oculus Rift so they could show customers their immersive VR experience that could be used within the classroom. Finally, Yeager worked to build an email nurture campaign that Dell could use in order to share information about the Roadshow in a Box and the rest of the educational materials for partners. By creating a strategic, multi-pronged approach complete with many layers of content for each stage of the process, Dell and Yeager invented an entirely new way to motivate and equip Dell partners for ultimate success.

The Results

This campaign achieved impressive engagement.
– Dell partners adopted the program within the first few months
– Partners participated in a majority of the campaign activities showing a deep level of partner engagement
– The program created new sales pipeline for all partners in the program