Immersive Work From Home Experiences to Excite and Engage Sellers

2021 Best Channel
Partner Marketing

Immersive Work From Home Experiences to Excite and Engage Sellers

2021 Best Channel
Partner Marketing

The Challenge

Helping Sellers Understand the Future of Work

Global Shift

As organizations transitioned to remote work arrangements overnight in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dell witnessed an increase in the demand for business PCs. To shift the focus away from their previous theme of travel, the Dell team aimed to focus on work-from-home arrangements. Yeager worked with Dell to design virtual workstation tours for its channel partners to help achieve the goal.

Sales Support

Dell sought to educate partner sales teams on its Latitude line of PCs and how it could position itself competitively in the remote work context for various personas. However, a key challenge was educating partner salespeople on the virtual workstation experience and providing them with the necessary information and assets to make a compelling sales proposition.

Create Buzz

The goal was to attract salespeople to experience the workstations virtually and increase overall sales for the Latitude product line. In addition, Dell sought to drive higher participation and engagement from channel partners by incentivizing them using a combination of rewards and leaderboards.

The Approach

Reimagining Sales Enablement

Real Engagement

Our prior experience in gamified learning and sales informed the decision to introduce contests and incentives to engage and motivate the partner sales team. To improve learning engagement for Dell’s channel partners, Yeager simplified information delivery and presented easy-to-understand materials that helped them succeed.

Make It Relatable

Yeager created an online destination where channel sales partners could experience virtual workstation tours first-hand and develop a genuine interest in products to close deals more effectively.

Make It Fun

Our team designed a series of five persona-based virtual work-from-home stations for Dell’s Latitude product line that provided interactive and engaging enablement, training, and product positioning for channel partner salespeople.

Make It Count

The experience included an interactive microsite that featured a main menu and participant progress tracking/analytics feature for sales leaderboards.

Bring It to Life

Yeager and Dell defined their five personas for virtual WFH stations on the microsite as Executive Knowledge Worker, Single Location Knowledge Worker, High-Performance Worker, K12 Educator, and K12 Student.

More Incentives –More Participation

The Yeager Marketing team launched an email campaign highlighting the incentives and prizes that Dell’s channel sales teams could win by participating and engaging with virtual tours. The campaign significantly improved participation across the board for Dell’s channel partner salespeople.

Yeager gamified the training experience by staging strategic interventions at the completion of enablement and training activities that would enable salespeople to be eligible for incentives and prizes.

The Results

Immersive Experiences Drive Exceptional Engagement

Measurable Growth

Dell witnessed phenomenal growth in its Latitude League registrations and a marked increase in program-related content consumption. The program drove over 700 new registrations and more than 1,000 tracked content engagement actions since the program’s launch. The program continues to fuel Dell’s channel partner sales and has improved awareness around its Latitude line of PCs across all audience segments.

Real Success

Yeager created an immersive educational experience for Dell’s partner salespeople on product positioning and the value proposition for each persona-type. In addition, Yeager’s innovative use of virtual workstation tours and the gamified experience for Latitude channel partners helped Dell achieve better sales outcomes.

2021 Killer Content
Award Winner

Yeager Marketing was proud to be recognized for outstanding CHANNEL PARTNER MARKETING from B2BMX at the 2021 Killer Content Awards.

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