Project Description

Future-Ready Classroom Experience


Dell EMC


Virtual Reality


MarComm Award

The Challenge

The teams from Dell and Microsoft were looking for a way to engage partners and their partners’ customers in a unique way that would educate both groups about next generation learning methodologies for K-12 classrooms. The timing was tight, with just 60 days before the two groups needed a solution to use at their exhibit during the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. They were looking for something that would drive a lot of interest at an event where it is difficult to capture attendee mindshare.

The Solution

Yeager developed “The Future-Ready Classroom Virtual Experience”, which was an interactive, 3-minute, avatar-guided tour of a virtual classroom that allowed users to explore Dell products in a fully immersive setting. Using Oculus Rift VR devices, visitors to the virtual classroom interacted with an avatar that educated the user on specific Dell and Microsoft products while the user placed these different products around the room. Dell needed to easily transport this experience to partner and Dell trade show events so Yeager made sure the devices and supporting set-up instructions were packaged in a durable travel case. Directly after completing the virtual experience users were automatically sent a follow up email invitation to come back into the virtual setting to create their own avatar from their own devices (computer or mobile). Users could take a selfie style picture of their avatar, which could be shared via tweets with event-focused hash tags to create internal interest at events. This program was developed to scale so that each partner would have their own instance of these experiences and could track users progress throughout the campaign.

The Results

Dell initially piloted this program at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and attracted a large crowd of attendees who lined up to see the virtual reality experience. It was so well received that the Dell team rolled the experience out to 15 partners who are now using it as part of their sales events. Total reach for the experience has been 1,200+ people over a two-year period. The program has significantly raised interest in both Microsoft and Dell products in the channel and the two organizations have begun another virtual reality project with Yeager that will launch at the end of this year.