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Yeager offers event support for large promotional events, key customer meetings, partner events and internal employee events. We can help you brand your meeting and provide supporting materials that will make your event memorable and effective.


  • Event in a Box
  • Event Branding
  • Event Presentations

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Our Process

  • Get Clarity on Audience / Define Goals and Objectives

    Together we help shape how the event will draw the right attendees and achieve specific goals to optimize your investment.

  • Develop Theme and Branding

    Our goal is to bring energy into the experience. We help package your event to be visually interesting, compelling to attend and easy for your or your partners to execute (in a box). We can also provide turnkey event management services.

  • Produce Supporting Materials

    We provide highly relevant and content rich support for your event. Our aim is to produce materials that attendees will find valuable, informative, and well worth attending the event, in and of themselves.

  • Create Post Event Follow Up

    We create follow up mechanisms that continue conversations and relationships built at the event with the goal of nurturing prospects into customers.

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