Secure More In-Person Sales Meetings with Executive Door Openers (EDOs)

By Yeager Marketing

Executive Door Openers (EDOs)

With a well-crafted Executive Door Opener (EDO), your sales team can capture the attention of difficult-to-reach prospects, including the C-suite, executives and other influential enterprise leaders.

EDO for Flexpod

What’s in an EDO?

EDOs are integrated campaigns that are targeted, attractive and intriguing. They prime the prospect with enticing emails, and then follow up with a direct-mail package that contains a short, personalized message and a small gift. The packaging is designed to persuade. It describes your solution in a high-level, yet direct way, and drives the addressee to schedule an appointment with a sales representative. As a bonus for scheduling, the EDO promises a higher-value item as a gift after the appointment.

EDO Email Alerts

Ready to Open Doors?

Yeager is excited to help you design your next EDO. We’ll help you realize the best return on your investment with a strategy, theme, design and prospect list that maximizes interest. We can help you educate your sales team about the program so they’ll know what their prospects are receiving and how to engage with them afterward. And we can help you follow through and stay on schedule, so your sales reps and your customers are delighted by your EDO campaign.

EDO's drive to Landing Pages

There are no limits to the creative campaigns we can create together.