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Yeager can help you produce award-winning videos that meet any budget including formats such as animation, talking heads, motion graphics and explainer videos.


  • Interview Format
  • Animated Explainer
  • Motion Graphics

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Our Process

  • Set Objectives - Identify Leverage Opportunities

    Together we align on how the video will translate into business value and to specify as many ways as possible to leverage the asset.

  • Determine Format

    We help you select the video style (interview format, motion graphics, animated explainer) to what will be most consumable for our audience.

  • Script and Storyboarding

    Our creative team scripts and designs each scene, blending persuasive dialog with impactful graphics.

  • Production

    We shoot and/or animate your video, utilizing camera and animation techniques that communicate visually and verbally, always with our focus on getting our audience to act.

  • Create or Insert into Existing Nurture Flow

    We work together to identify how we engage the viewer into a conversation that increases their propensity to become buyers.

  • Report and Optimize

    Our insights team provides relevant metrics on views and engagement that informs optimization of the video.

Client Work