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Set Sales Up for Success

Yeager produces sales tools that help teams overcome delays and distractions in the sales cycle. Whether it is a battlecard that positions your solution against competitors or playbooks that make the sales process actionable, we work with you to identify obstacles and then produce tools for overcoming them.


  • Sales Playbooks
  • Competitor Battlecards

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Our Process

  • Align with the Team

    We spec the requirements of the custom deliverable so it supports the full range of the sales team’s needs.

  • Define Potential Solutions

    We ensure the asset we create will satisfy all 
of the needs articulated by the team and that tools are easy to use for every sales situation.

  • Launch the Tool 
with the Team

    The sales team field tests the tool with real clients and gauges effectiveness.

  • Gather Feedback 
and Refine

    We make sure the tools achieve their objectives, tweak as necessary, and optimize.

Client Work