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Tap into the online IT decision maker communities where your prospects go to learn. We can help you create content that aligns to issues your audiences care about, and then develop nurturing campaigns that move prospects from interested readers to qualified buyers.

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The value of quality content goes far beyond creating it and posting it on a company’s blog. Content that addresses timely, relevant issues facing an industry or even a segment within an industry, has the potential to position a company as a thought leader and trusted resource for both existing and potential customers. Additionally, content that’s shared by users, either via social media or their own sites, enhances SEO performance for the organization that produces the content.


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Why is content syndication important for B2B Tech companies?

IT Decision Makers consume up to 17 pieces of content to help inform purchase decisions (Spiceworks 2019)

IT decision makers, not business decision makers, typically help determine need, evaluate solutions and vendors, make recommendations, and ultimately implement and manage new technology. Vendors must influence them or be left off the recommendations list. (Spiceworks 2017)

Content syndication leverages the significant investment in developing B2B content by expanding reach to a larger audience.

Our Process

Audience Profiling

We target personas to influence, and identify problems we can help them solve.

Asset Audit

We curate content that already exists into repackaged, very consumable formats and identify opportunities for new competing content.

Community Selection

We match our content with specific IT communities looking for solutions like yours.

Align and Implement a Follow Up Process

To help migrate interested readers from suspects to prospects to buyers via marketing automation and sales follow up.

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