Greenfield Video


Dell EMC



The Challenge

The Dell EMC team wanted to promote the incentives and tools available to their partners’ sales executives when they sell into new, target “Greenfield” accounts. Yeager worked with the Dell EMC team to create these tools and although the Dell EMC team believed that their partners would be very excited if they understood these opportunities, the partners are often bombarded with offers and promotions from several different suppliers which makes breaking through the clutter to get their attention very difficult.

The Solution

Yeager created a video overview of the program that was emailed to all of the partners’ sales team. The format was easy to consume, and highlighted the key aspect of the program that was important to the sales teams:
– Account protection
– Rebates
– Sales rewards programs
– Financing options for buyers
– Technical sales support via the
– Solution architecture support
– Special discount available via the program

The Results

The video was widely consumed by the partner’s sales teams and the program was a big success, recording several notable new client accounts that were acquired through the Greenfield program.