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Channel Marketers

Channel Marketers engage, enable and support partners to create mutual success.


Continually attracting, engaging and retaining partners requires the right partner.

Your critical work is to engage with the right partners to build programs that establish pipelines and accelerate time to revenue. This requires you to continually demonstrate your brand’s difference and value so as to win and keep partners’ ongoing attention. And, you’re also busy providing turnkey solutions that make it easy for partners to sell your products and services.

We can help you craft co-branded, strategic programs that give you the edge in attracting and retaining partners.


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“Yeager's understanding of technology and the channel, combined with a highly effective discovery process, allowed for a body of work that has become the cornerstone of our digital, social channels and other media.”

Eileen Gibson Vice President Market Management and Strategy, TechData

We'll work with you to ensure:

  • Your campaigns are strategic, creative and engaging, with messaging that stands out
  • You can supply turnkey programs that partners can use with little or no effort
  • You have relevant, packaged collateral for partner use
  • Your training materials are informative and understandable
  • You have measurable, quantifiable results from all your programs
  • Your communications are co-branded to showcase the value of suppliers and partners

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