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Product Marketers

As a product marketer, you want to communicate your product’s unique value in a way that aligns with customer needs.

However, accelerated markets and constant disruption make it difficult to keep ahead, and you might find yourself in a reactive mode, rather than the proactive position required to execute a winning strategy.

In order to position your product as a front-runner in the industry, you need allies that understand your marketspace and offer expert guidance. These are the partners who craft the messages that make your brand shine above the competition.

We’ll work with you to demonstrate your product’s value by:

  • Developing short- and long-term marketing strategies
  • Crafting unique branding and messaging that educates and entices your customers and drives them to action
  • Providing go-to-market tactics for flawless execution
  • Establishing or working within brand guidelines
  • Creating a portfolio of collateral and deliverables for program launches, product demos, focused campaigns and more

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Creative Product Marketing

Making a seasoned product stand out in a market that is flooded with competition is challenging. Here’s how we helped a client gain traction in an untapped part of the market to help them meet revenue goals.

The Challenge

Gaining the attention of IT decision-makers, even if your company already has products sitting in their data center, can be tough. Especially when, though your product is one of the best on the market, it isn’t the “shiny new object” anymore. This client came to Yeager wanting to reach new prospects and past customers in an engaging way and drive them to a web page, with the ultimate goal of securing a meeting with a sales rep.

The Solution

We decided to create a 3-dimentional mailer that would not only draw attention to the brand, but would engage the prospect in an activity.
Some of the product’s main selling points are its flexibility and scalability, and the fact that it can be customized, or built to fit the needs of the customer, and work with their current infrastructure.
We customized a Lego® set shaped like a mini-version of the product and sent it to the prospects, complete with a how-to-build booklet, stickers to add the product logo, and a piece of collateral in a custom box, all designed around the product with a Lego flare.

The call to action was to go to a web page to request a meeting.

The Results

Through collaboration with the field marketer, our creative and strategy teams worked together to craft a cohesive, branded, measurable program. The sales team was able to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts to gain leads and close business while gathering valuable insights. And the resulting design and strategy serves as a baseline that can be quickly and easily refocused as product offerings change.

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