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Alliance Marketers

As an alliance marketer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details of bringing two brands together.

Constant facilitation, budget reconciliation and brand alignment seem like impossible goals when you have limited in-house resources. How do you make both companies happy and still meet your objectives?

You need allies to provide expert guidance and services, and who understand both your business and your alliance relationships. These are partners that bring ideas and solutions to you, and then execute them flawlessly.

We’ll work with your team and alliance partner to ensure:

  • You have a concise, strong message to market
  • Your plans are laid out in a clear-cut, focused marketing strategy
  • All content and communications are aligned to the message
  • Both companies are represented as agreed
  • Brand guidelines are met

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An Alliance Marketing Success Story

Here’s how we helped a client get the details out of the way so they could focus on strategy and increasing market share for an alliance-based solution.

The Challenge

An organization was having trouble getting its alliance partner to sign off on campaigns. As such, very little was being done to market their product. If the alliance-marketing manager didn’t do something quickly to give the product more visibility, their competitors could have nudged them out of the space.

There was a lot of pressure on the alliance-marketing manager to show positive results. Yet, every time she presented an idea or comp to her counterpart at the other company, they would take weeks to respond. When she did get feedback, it typically included huge changes that she’d just accept in order to save time. Because of the lack of collaboration, these changes were difficult to get past her branding department. The fate of the product hung in the balance between her company’s approval process and time-consuming back-and-forth communications that produced little results.

The Solution

When the alliance-marketing manager engaged with Yeager, we crafted their proposal based on a complete messaging package giving equal weight to both companies.
We worked with both companies to get every concept and product detail nailed down in a document that both companies could use to craft internal and external marketing pieces.
With this approved set of messaging guidelines, we created multiple assets including email and social campaigns, videos and infographics. We also reworked their visual brand for one of their campaigns. Both sides of the alliance loved the creative and asked Yeager to handle their entire product rebrand.

The Results

Throughout the collaborative process of creating messaging guidelines and assets, a new level of trust built organically between the two organizations and with Yeager. The approval process became easier and faster on both sides. The product now has a steady stream of marketing and is holding market share against its competitors.

Want to see what Yeager can do for your alliance?

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