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Create Immersive Experiences

Engage customers, prospects or employees with virtual events or training that advance your organization. We take a best practice approach to new media to help you define and deliver cutting edge projects that meet your budget and timeframes.


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Our Process

  • Set Objectives / Define the Experience

    We help you align on the tangible goals of the experience and directionally decide on potential storylines.

  • Script and Storyboard

    We bring the storyline to life with interactions, characters, settings and design in a 2D storyboard.

  • Prototyping - Alpha

    Yeager builds the 2 dimensional story into 3, focusing on the environment, objects and characters in the experience.

  • Production

    We fill in the rest of the virtual story aimed at producing an entertaining and informative experience.

  • Equipment and Technology Prep

    Yeager helps source your VR equipment and provides a turnkey solutions for maintaining, storing, shipping and setting it up.

  • Extend the Experience

    We add lead generation or lead nurturing programs to move interested prospects into sales opportunities.

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