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Make an Impact with a Powerful Messaging Platform

Well-crafted messaging can help open doors to new market segments, cement existing relationships and drive deeper value into every communication, both internal and external. Using our purpose-built framework, Yeager can help you create a flexible messaging platform that enhances your value proposition and differentiates your brand.

What's Included:

Icon of a lightbulb with a pencil in itCore Value Proposition

No matter what your technology does, chances are you are competing for an organization’s budget. A strong core value proposition succinctly introduces and clarifies what you do and why it matters in a way that speaks to all our your audiences.

Icon of a hand gripping a pencilCapabilities Messaging

Most technology organizations have specific services, solutions or vertical expertise that they want to highlight. Capabilities messaging provides the relevant details of your offerings in concise language that emphasizes how and why they have tremendous value.

Icon of a small group of peoplePersona Messaging

Technology decisions are increasingly made by wider committees that include other departments outside of IT, each with their own list of wants and needs. Persona messaging defines your value proposition for each audience so you can speak to the attributes of your solution that they uniquely care about. These message points are very valuable for ABM efforts.

Icon of two quotation marks with text bubblesSupporting Messages and Proof Points

These statements bolster your core value proposition and go deeper into the “how” and “why” of your company. The messages and proof points properly position the specifics of what you offer and provide compelling details around why customers choose your products or services.

Icon of a computer monitor with a text bubble coming out of the screenCopy Blocks

As part of your messaging platform you also receive ready-to-use copy blocks in 25-, 50- and 100-word increments. These are word-for-word bits of copy your team can use in all of your marketing efforts.

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