Top 3 Ways to Bring Joy to Your Customers

Hosted By: Renee Yeager Guest: Richard Sheridan CEO of Menlo Innovations

Joy is all around us. But what’s its business value? Host Renee Yeager invited the man who wrote the book on joy, Richard Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations and author of Joy, Inc., to the podcast to share his “Top 3 Strategies to Bring Joy to Your Customers.”In this podcast Richard touches on the importance of creating a culture of joy within your organization and how that can translate to a differentiated experience with your brand. He dives into the importance of authentic engagement with your customers, thinking of clients as an extension of your team, how company culture impacts the brand experience, and more.

This podcast is for listeners in any field who want tangible examples to enable a healthier, happier atmosphere at work—leading to the sustainable business results required for growth.