Top 5 Questions to Answer Before Developing B2B Technology Messaging

By Yeager Marketing

During your messaging development process, it’s important to incorporate some guidelines that will help you insure the potential effectiveness of the messages you’re drafting. You can use this list of questions to quickly gauge new messaging to see if it will become part of a powerful platform that can set you apart.

Question 1: how do i demonstrate understanding of my buyers?

When messaging for B2B markets, especially in technology, it’s important to keep in mind the risk factors that buyers face. You’ll want to build confidence in your brand through your messaging so that prospects and customers feel that your products or services are worth the cost – both to their companies and their professional reputations.

You must also demonstrate that you understand the business problems that your solution will solve. If you’re messaging to a CIO and talking about cost savings, but your target really should be lines of business and how you’ll shave time off their week with more efficient software, you’ve missed the mark. By crafting messaging that centers on solving real-world, business-centric problems for your customers, you demonstrate that you understand both their needs and their reservations about making a purchase.

Question 2: how can i differentiate my brand?

With more disruptive startups launching every quarter and industry leaders redefining themselves to become more relevant, your message needs to demonstrate unique value to your customers so that you stand out. Smart technology messaging shows your customers how your solutions solve problems more effectively than the competition without leading with product specifications.

Question 3: how can i make my messaging part of a consistent yet flexible platform?

A powerful messaging platform enables you to send a consistent message through every delivery channel and to every audience, both internal and external, while still allowing room for creativity in the delivery. For those who use your messaging to create assets or advertisements, make sure your messaging is clearly defined as part of your brand guidelines and make your platform easily accessible to all your employees. Then, take your messaging platform even further by creating synchronized sales tools that your sales reps and partners can rely on when approaching prospects and customers.

Question 4: how do i tell a brand story that makes an emotional impact?

B2B products aren’t purchased by companies, they’re selected by people. Start by understanding your customers’ habits, needs, wants and pain points, and then use your messaging to connect on an emotional level. And don’t just write a message. Instead, create a story that centers around your brand, draws prospects in and convinces them of your worth.

Question 5: how do i create a message that’s share-worthy?

In our connected world, “word of mouth” has become “click and share.” Compelling messaging gets more shares, and more shares can mean more prospects-turned-customers. Experiment with your messaging by creating campaigns designed to resonate with a specific customer base. Use your social channels to push your message and tune it until you get traction with your target audience. Use your results to continually refine your messaging to speak with your active and engaged audiences.