Podcast: Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind to Achieve a Successful Marketing Transformation

Featured Guest
Amy Protexter
VP of Marketing at Insight

Amy Protexter, VP of Marketing at Insight, joins host Renee Yeager to share her “Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind to Achieve a Successful Marketing Transformation,” including having bold vision, having hard conversations, and hiring good people (and getting out of their way).Amy is in the midst of her fifth global rebrand, so she knows a thing or two about transformation. She shares valuable insights on encouraging inspiration and helping team members find meaning in their work, and discusses fostering a unified vision amidst change to help make transitions smoother. Additionally, Amy notes that transformation can lead to tough yet valuable conversations.

“Some of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to hear in my career from previous bosses or mentors have been the things that have propelled by individual growth the most,” she says.

Renee and Amy discuss the importance of setting expectations and trusting the good people you’ve hired so you can step aside and let them test and learn from their own failures and successes.

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