Podcast: Top 3 Strategies for Building Alignment with Sales and Marketing

Featured Guest
Julie Jones
VP of Supplier Marketing at Tech Data

Julie Jones is the VP of Supplier Marketing at Tech Data where she is responsible for defining and executing supplier and solutions focused marketing strategies that accelerate growth, expand market share and deliver measurable return on investments for Avnet’s suppliers and customers.Julie joins host Renee Yeager to share her “Top 3 Steps for Building Alignment with Sales & Marketing Teams.” The disconnect between sales and marketing is a very common problem not exclusive to the tech industry. Oftentimes, the two teams set goals the other is not aware of or does not agree with. These pitfalls can negatively impact productivity, team morale and a company’s bottom line.

In this podcast, Renee interviews Julie to find out how listeners can start defining goals that are mutually beneficial to both teams, implementing recurring communication cadence and committing to improvements. Plus, Julie shares insights from her more than 18 years of global business management experience including strategic marketing, strategic planning, product management and sales in the technology industry.

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