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Is your message getting through to buyers and prospects? Or does it sound like all the other noise out there? The right messaging platform can help open doors to new market segments, cement existing relationships and drive deeper value into every communication, both internal and external.

Yeager helps you craft key messages and value propositions at the company level, as well as for specific products or service offerings. Our approach, evolved and perfected over a decade, helps you clearly articulate how you address the challenges of your target market and get the entire organization aligned on how to speak to them.


  • Messaging Frameworks
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Executive Presentation Development

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Our Process

  • Core value proposition

    The tech space is more crowded than ever. So your most dominant message must be strong. The core value proposition is the high-level, overarching message that succinctly defines your solutions and differentiates your capabilities.

  • Supporting messages and proof points

    Go deeper into the “how” and “why” of your company. We craft these statements to properly position the specifics of what you offer and provide compelling details around why customers choose your products or services.

  • Capabilities-focused messaging

    Communicate your capabilities. Through focused messaging, we articulate the capabilities that make you relevant, from vertical market expertise to unique offerings and differentiating services or certifications.

  • Persona and audience-oriented messaging

    We develop key messages based on predetermined personas such as C-level executives, line-of-business buyers, or IT managers and directors. We can also create audience-oriented messages that speak directly to designated target groups, such as conference attendees.

  • Copy blocks

    Take the mystery out of messaging with copy blocks in 25, 50 and 100 word increments your team can use word-for-word in PR and marketing efforts.