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Engage customers, prospects or employees with virtual events or training that advance your organization. We take a best practice approach to new media to help you define and deliver cutting edge projects that meet your budget and time frames.

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VR is increasingly popular with consumers of all ages—not just younger gamers. The power of VR for marketers lies in its ability to enable engaging interactive experiences that are personalized for the user. Some of the most renowned brands in the world, including technology companies, are gravitating to VR to help them demonstrate their products and how they work.


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VR is a fast-growing medium—in 2020 the number of VR headsets sold is predicted to reach 82 million. That’s a 1,507% increase over 2017 predictions.

VR allows tech buyers to see before buying, giving prospects access to virtual tours of data centers or the opportunity to interact with technology in a fun, safe environment.

Immersion is novel and buyers want to experience it. Trade show attendees are even willing wait in in line at a company’s booth if there’s a VR experience offered.

Our Process

Set Objectives / Define the Experience

We help you align on the tangible goals of the experience and directionally decide on potential storylines.

Script and Storyboard

We bring the storyline to life with interactions, characters, settings and design in a 2D storyboard.

Prototyping – Alpha

Yeager builds the 2 dimensional story into 3, focusing on the environment, objects and characters in the experience.


We fill in the rest of the virtual story aimed at producing an entertaining and informative experience.

Equipment and Technology Prep

Yeager helps source your VR equipment and provides a turnkey solutions for maintaining, storing, shipping and setting it up.

Extend the Experience

We add lead generation or lead nurturing programs to move interested prospects into sales opportunities.

Client Work

Dell Future Ready Classroom Experience

Case Study

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