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Yeager produces sales tools that help teams overcome delays and distractions in the sales cycle. Whether it is a battlecard that positions your solution against competitors or playbooks that make the sales process actionable, we work with you to identify obstacles and then produce tools for overcoming them.

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The best sales teams operate with a singular focus, continually working to strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones. That leaves them with little time to stay updated on the ongoing shifts in the market, competitor changes, and other changes that is critical to closing sales. Tactical sales enablement tools are a proven tool in keeping sales teams armed with the latest information they need.


  • Sales Playbooks

  • Competitor Battlecards

Why are sales enablement tools important to B2B Tech marketing?

Tools designed to help technical evaluators fix a problem or pursue new opportunities demonstrate the superior impact a marketer’s solution can have on their business.

Financial evaluations decide if the cost of a solution is appropriate for the size of the problem, so tools that work in this area assist the leap from “use case” to “business case” and promote value instead of discounts.

Business leaders are skeptical of change unless the path to greater performance is clearly outlined.   Successful sales tools address downstream implications of a solution rollout, including training, adoption, and risk mitigation.

Our Process

Align with the Team

We spec the requirements of the custom deliverable so it supports the full range of the sales team’s needs.

Define Potential Solutions

We ensure the asset we create will satisfy all of the needs articulated by the team and that tools are easy to use for every sales situation.

Launch the Tool with the Team

The sales team field tests the tool with real clients and gauges effectiveness.

Gather Feedback and Refine

We make sure the tools achieve their objectives, tweak as necessary, and optimize.

Client Work

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