Campaign Services

A successful integrated marketing campaign is a beautiful thing. But to be successful a campaign must deliver a cohesive, comprehensive experience to customers and prospects. We know how to make that happen.

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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

How Do Integrated Marketing Campaigns Help Tech Companies?

Individual campaigns and channels have their time and place, but for sheer impact and effectiveness an integrated marketing campaign is unmatched, especially when the goal is to convert prospects to actual customers.

Why are integrated marketing campaigns so impactful? The primary benefit is the ability to reach a wider audience than a single channel effort directed to a limited audience does. Because an integrated campaign combines multiple channels—both new and traditional—it puts a brand in front of more people, more often. That reinforcement, combined with a consistent message across channels, moves prospects farther down the path to purchase.

Yeager Marketing uses a proven approach to developing integrated marketing campaigns, carefully incorporating sales strategy, branding, content, and media to help clients meet or even exceed their goals.


Align with sales to target key accounts and convert evasive prospects into sales appointments.

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Channel Marketing

Acquire new partners or enable existing ones with leads, sales tools or incentives.

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Email Marketing

Create short or long term campaigns that inspire audience interest and progress them to consideration.

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Event Marketing

Market important events with custom themes, branded invites, presentations, handouts and signage.

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Paid Digital Ads

Launch new or improve existing campaigns leveraging our expertise targeting IT decision makers.

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Content Syndication

Reach IT buyers in their communities with answers to the challenges they are looking for.

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Social Media

Deploy best practice social campaigns across multiple channels to engage with fun content.

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