Outfit Your Team Campaign




Account-Based Marketing

The Challenge

Yeager created an ABM style campaign that included an executive door opener “EDO”. Although this is not a new strategy for channel marketers, it took strategy and creativity to come up with an effective and unique offering that would simultaneously grabs the attention of the executive and their teams that commonly influence buying decisions. The campaign goal was to send the mailers to prospects anticipating the contact would then reach out to schedule an appointment to learn more, and buy or upgrade their current NetApp products.

The Solution

Yeager Marketing created NetApp’s “Outfit Your Team” campaign to increase the number of sales meetings scheduled for their channel reseller representatives. The EDO consisted of NetApp branded mini lockers. Inside each locker was a Nike pullover with the receiving company’s logo used as an incentive to book a sales meeting.

Each NetApp channel partner sales rep provided a list of desired targets to Yeager for locker distribution with the main goal of increasing sales meeting appointments. In addition to the immediate value of the pullover and locker itself, if the executive proceeded to book a sales meeting NetApp and Yeager would provide five more of pullovers for their team, connecting the theme: “We’ll Outfit Your Team.” The mailer was also followed up with a personalized email from each rep that reinforced the offer and articulated the value of the alliance between NetApp and each partner in terms of services and value they bring to solution development for data centers.

The Results

14% of the mailers converted to appointments resulting in $1.6M in new business pipeline.