Podcast: Top 3 Ways to Use Video to Fuel Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Featured Guest
Tyler Lessard
Chief Marketing Officer of Vidyard

Tyler joins Renee Yeager to share his Top 3 Ways to Use Video to Fuel Your B2B Marketing Strategy. During their discussion, Tyler breaks down how to build awareness and interest using top of the funnel videos, how to fuel demand gen efforts in the middle of the funnel to qualify and progress opportunities, and how to unleash the power of video to empower your sales team. Renee and Tyler also discuss how to incorporate video as a way to build more personal connections and stand out from the competition.

Tyler Lessard is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vidyard, where he’s responsible for driving Vidyard’s global marketing and partnership strategies, as well as establishing thought leadership in the areas of video and content marketing, data-driven marketing, sales and marketing alignment and customer experience.

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