Podcast: Top 3 Strategies for Getting a Seat at the Table

Featured Guest
Jamie Glass
CMO and Founder of Artful Thinkers

Jamie Glass is the CMO and Founder of Artful Thinkers. As an experienced senior sales and marketing c-level executive, Jamie has successfully led global marketing services, operations and sales divisions for industry-leading organizations. Today she is a recognized growth advisor, strategy consultant and sales and marketing expert, and has worked with 60+ CEOs across technology, nance, consumer products, retail, learning, business services, media, healthcare industries and more.

Jamie joins Renee Yeager to share her Top 3 Strategies for Getting a Seat at the Table. Their discussion covers how CEOs and other members of the C-suite think about marketing, the importance of marketing as a growth engine, and how marketing leaders can effectively present a C-suite strategy. Renee and Jamie also discuss eliminating sales and marketing silos and using accountability, measurement and processes to show how marketing achieves results.

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