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Marketing Leaders

As a marketing leader, you focus on a broad-spectrum, strategic vision implemented by your marketing team’s efforts.

As a champion for the future of your brand, you work daily to maximize the ability of each of your teams to propel your company ahead of its competitors.

Working with a partner that can distill actionable marketing strategies from your vision for the future of your brand can help you accelerate results and increase marketing’s value to the business. The right partner should deeply understand your marketspace in order to help you differentiate your brand, attract the right attention, and drive success in your marketing efforts.

We’ll work with you and your teams to ensure:

  • Your marketing efforts meet your goals without blowing your budget
  • Your marketing strategy is aligned with your corporate vision
  • All content and communications are aligned with your brand
  • Your brand stands out among your competitors through clear differentiators

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Success at the Executive Level

Here’s how we helped a VP of a technology company maximize her marketing budget while helping her champion new solutions offered by her company.

The Challenge

The VP had a huge scorecard of responsibility, a fledgling product line, a shoestring budget and a need to quickly execute a successful marketing strategy. She needed to trust that her marketing plan was in the hands of a team who was aligned with her needs, understood her marketspace and could implement effective campaigns that would meet or exceed KPIs while staying on time and on budget.

The VP had a very small team, and she relied on a single resource who was tasked with figuring out how to monetize their product line by analyzing market data, industry trends, voices of the customer, strategic plans and more. The VP also dealt with other internal challenges on a daily basis, including struggles with procurement and a drive to maintain operating profit.

The Solution

When the VP engaged with Yeager, we leveraged our expertise in her target industry with her vision for the future of her business to craft a unique and compelling message that she could use to differentiate her new product line.
She gave our messaging to her team, and we worked with them to create compelling new collateral that she felt changed the dialogue for her company.
We then crafted email and social campaigns based off these assets and used reliable delivery practices to drive measurable results.

The Results

Through our prescriptive approach, we helped this VP reach the right audiences to drive meaningful engagement that brought in new customers and partners. We delivered measurable results while staying within her timeframe and budget constraints. Her new offering gained traction in the marketplace, and her company began to realize the benefits of an aligned and pragmatic marketing strategy.

Want to see how Yeager can align with your business to drive measurable results?

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