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Field Marketers

As a field marketer, it’s all about enabling your sales teams to get wins.

You need to deliver campaigns, collateral, and sales support tools that are on point with their message and in line with branding standards while maintaining important relationships with your sales teams. You know your region and market, but how do you find the time to come up with the cutting edge strategies and solutions you need while staying aligned with trends and engaged with your reps?

You need allies who can provide expert guidance and effective content that helps progress the sales process, keeps up with your business and stays true to your brand. These are partners who dig deep into your marketspace to bring you new ideas and solutions you need to build and maintain key relationships while driving quarterly success.

We focus on a long-term partnership with you to ensure:

  • You can stay focused on your near-term objectives
  • You have turnkey collateral that resonates with your sales teams
  • You have a full set of lead-generation services and tools that help close sales throughout the integrated marketing and sales lifecycle
  • Your strategy is pragmatic and results oriented
  • Your message, content and creative stay true to brand guidelines
  • Regardless of engagement, you have an arsenal of collateral that can be repurposed to fit your needs quickly and effectively

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A Field Marketing Success Story

Here’s how we helped a client create a turnkey marketing campaign to drive short-term sales objectives for a new offering.

The Challenge

A leading technology solutions company needed to focus their sales associates’ efforts to meet near-term objectives on a new service offering. They had to maximize their budget in order to drive profit in a largely untested segment for their business.

The field marketer knew the company needed a turnkey solution that their sales team could use that would capitalize on their standing reputation in the industry while driving business in a new space. The campaign needed to provide measurable, quantifiable results in order to validate the effectiveness of both the campaign and the business model.

The Solution

When the field marketer engaged with Yeager, we worked through her existing assets, brand standards and new concepts to craft a packaged solution for use by the sales team.
The solution included an email nurture campaign, 30-day social campaign, asset refresh, branded landing pages and lead capture forms. The strategy prescribed tools and delivery methods for gathering metrics for each of the campaign components in order to quantify engagement and impact.
This complete campaign was then delivered to the various sales team members as a turnkey solution that they could use to quickly and effectively focus their efforts on this new sales channel.

The Results

Through collaboration with the field marketer, our creative and strategy teams worked together to craft a cohesive, branded, measurable program. The sales team was able to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts to gain leads and close business while gathering valuable insights. And the resulting design and strategy serves as a baseline that can be quickly and easily refocused as product offerings change.

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