ViON Digital Advertising

Client: ViON Capabilities: Digital Media Strategy

The Challenge

The ViON team was looking to engage with new clients in the commercial space. Since this was a new market for them, they wanted to generate some interest among potential buyers for their sales teams.

The Solution

Yeager created a series of 9 ads and three landing pages designed to engage viewers with existing Vion content. Each landing page supported 3-4 assets that dynamically changed the featured content based upon which ad the customer clicked on. All pages were GA Tagged, HotJar’d, and tied the campaign efforts to a Data Studio Report for close monitoring week to week. Yeager tested 3 channels; Facebook, Google Paid, and LinkedIn.

The Results

The strategy and implementation of the campaign was a huge success. As Yeager continued to adjust and optimize the program, the campaign achieved a run rate that consistently yielded 5-6 very qualified leads per day. The campaign hit its goal a month sooner than the anticipated end date ending with 70+ new leads for the ViON team.