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Synergize Sales and Marketing Efforts with Account-Based Marketing

Yeager account based marketing programs concentrate sales and marketing efforts on a clearly defined set of target accounts and employ personalized campaigns designed to resonate with specific personas that make up the buying committee for your products or services.

What's Included:

Icon of two people with a gear in betweenTeam Alignment

The success of account-based marketing campaigns requires collaboration between marketing and sales. This process kicks off the project with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each team as well as anticipated results that everyone can align to.

Icon of a head with a targetPersona Builds

You get insights on the people involved in your buying process including the relevant personas that influence decisions and how they need to be included in the campaign.

Icon of a personAccount Selection and Research

Together we’ll identify your top 50 target accounts and research each account to identify key stakeholders, decision makers and influencing personas in their organization. You get an expanded custom list of the right contacts to target.

Icon of a light bulb emerging from a computer monitorCampaign Strategy and Development

Compelling campaign messaging and creative that pulls your company’s value prop into language that matters most to each of your selected contacts.

Icon of a line leading from a page to a light bulb to a pie chartCampaign Implementation

Personalized, multi-touch email programs as well as targeted social media that drives to landing pages and content assets that align with the buyer journey.

Icon os pages with connector lines growing out of themReporting and Lead Assignments

Weekly campaign reporting that details the campaign progress and includes high scoring accounts that can be contacted directly by your sales team.

Let’s Get Started

Take us up on our free 30-minute discovery session to discuss your account-based marketing needs and our recommendations to make your campaign great!