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Build a Better
Social Marketing Strategy

There’s a massive population on social media—including decision makers in technology markets—and the platform is designed for segmentation and targeting. Here are some stats and tips to level-up your social strategy now.

6 hours of social media management per week = 66% increase in lead generation and 61% improvement in search engine rankings.

86% of the Fortune 500 is active
on Twitter. (DM)

73% of people use Facebook for professional purposes. (HS)

Grab customer attention to drive engagement

80% of your audience will read your content title, but...

only 20% will read your content.

Put effort into your titles for
click-worthy results

Titles with 6 to 13 words attract the most consistent amount of traffic.

Use the formula:

[ Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise ] (KM)

Exhibit A

9 disastrous data breaches, and how you can protect your company

Exhibit B

How you can effortlessly deploy stable, secure VMs in minutes

Be careful with clickbait

Cleverness get clicks, but misleading titles erode consumer trust in a brand (KM)

Generate visual appeal to get
noticed – and shared

Visual content is shared 40x more than text alone. (HS)
Colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read content by 80%. (HS)
Infographics are shared 3x more on social than any other B2B content. (HS)
Relevant imagery paired with content increases knowledge retention by up to 55% (HS)
Articles with an image every 75 to 100 words get 2x as many social shares as those with fewer images (HS)

Go beyond text for
greater social appeal

Video maximizes your social engagement.

43% of people want more video content from marketers. (HS)
90 seconds is the optimum length for video engagement on Facebook. (TI)

Video interaction per day on social:

100 million hours of video watched per day on Facebook. (SME)
1 billion hours of video watched per day on YouTube. (SME)
82% of Twitter users interact with video posts. (SME)

With a few best-practices, social media quizzes can become lead-gen juggernauts.

Use images of faces throughout your quizzes to generate up to 50% more traffic. (SI)

Create short descriptions that engage and intrigue. (SI)


“You want the best new technology, but you also enjoy the comfort and familiarity of your existing systems.”


“Everyone knows Steve Jobs founded Apple. Will you be the next big name in technology?”
Your reader should be able finish the quiz in about one minute.

Cutting Edge Social Media

Set your brand apart as a leading-edge trend-setter by adopting the latest social media features:

Live-stream video on Facebook from industry events, trade shows, or your company’s software launch celebration.
Set up a chat bot on your social page to take customer questions and direct them to the content they need.
Create interactive VR experiences that can be downloaded to your customers’ smart phones.
Generate 3D photos to showcase your facility or your products in the field.


The Big Idea

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