How To Use Social Media For B2B Marketing

By Yeager Marketing

Expanding FlexPod’s Social Media Presence

When NetApp and Cisco came to us wanting to engage channel partners with a social media program for FlexPod, we had just the idea. Create a simple-to-implement social media sharing program that would make it easy for partners to participate – and make it interesting so they would want to participate.

We came up with a series of brainteasers posts for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These image-based posts would go on FlexPod, NetApp and Cisco social pages.

The page also contains an asset download and offer to donate to a children’s tech charity to thank them for their download.

The program is still in process. In the first 4 weeks of performance, impressions totaled over 300,000; engagement including comments and likes exceeded 1,700; and clicks to the landing page reached 5,000.