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Through our pragmatic approach, your social media campaign will achieve your goals without being over-complicated. Our wide range of social media services include:

Comprehensive strategy – From clear, achievable goals to detailed scheduling, to monitoring, analysis and retargeting, we develop a well-documented strategy that keeps your campaigns moving in the direction of your objectives. Our prescriptive approach, honed through years of success, ensures that nothing is left to chance with your social campaign.

Effective targeting – When crafting a social campaign, it’s critical to understand the target audience and know where they’re spending time online. We work with detailed personas and on-brand messaging to make sure that the right people interact with your posts and PPC ads.

Competitive analysis – We make it a point to understand your business, your industry and your competitors. By studying the social media trends in your market space, we can deliver strong, clear differentiators to help set your posts apart from the pack.

Fresh copy – Our writers are on point with your brand and messaging, delivering copy that doesn’t sound like everything else on the channel. We can create posts that range from serious to humorous, and we strive to forge an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

Engaging visual designs – Nothing grabs attention like graphics that pop! Our visual design experts know how to draw the eye of even the fastest scroller. Our designers adhere to your brand standards while employing high levels of creativity, proven tactics, and the latest social trends in order to keep your customers excited about your brand.

Interactive posts – Creative copy and enticing visuals are just the start of your social campaign success. Our interactive content drives engagement numbers up to 6x the industry standard, meaning more customers interacting with your brand.

Themed campaigns – Campaigns that follow a theme keep users coming back for more. We can generate content around an idea, holiday, or even a single word. Your copy, visuals, landing pages and nurture emails can leverage themes to create a consistent campaign that drives further engagement.

Pay-per-click – There are subtle differences between creating social posts and PPC advertisements. The two can go hand-in-hand to create a solid campaign that drives the right audience to your social channel.

Program Management

Multi-channel calendar creation

We won’t leave you guessing what to post, or where and when to post it. With our detailed, easy-to-follow calendar, you will know exactly which posts to send out on each channel down to the date and hour, and we use proven industry guidelines to increase potential engagement with your posts.

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Programming and campaign management

Let us take charge of your social posting with fully managed social campaigns. Using the same schedule we would provide for your self-posting, we can program, push and monitor your social campaign. We’ll provide detailed campaign analysis, and proactively manage retargeting to drive optimum results.

Landing page design and deployment – You want more than just a like or a comment on your social posts. Don’t leave your potential leads hanging! With custom landing page design, deployment and management, we can capture your leads and help you build lasting relationships with new customers.

Lead scoring – It’s important to understand how qualified your leads are in order to nurture your potential customers. Through detailed lead scoring, we can help you target and retarget your social campaign to maximize your engagement and generate nurture opportunities.

Email nurture – It’s critical to your social campaign success to follow up with the right message. We will create turn-key nurture programs that help you keep the conversation moving with potential customers. Our emails are creatively designed, including engaging visuals, concise messaging and strategic assets to help you maintain relationships and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Asset development – Content marketing is proven to be successful across nearly every vertical market. Give your prospects a reason to interact with your posts and nurture emails by providing information they need through blog posts, infographics, videos, eBooks, checklists and more! We will integrate your assets—new and existing—into your social campaign from beginning to end, adding value to your customer, and increasing the potential for campaign success.

Proven history of high engagement – Yeager Marketing has a history of social media excellence. Our social campaigns regularly drive significantly higher-than-average engagement, resulting in more qualified leads for the companies we serve.

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