Connecting With Tech Buying Committees
How and Where They Learn eBook

By Yeager Marketing

Today’s B2B tech buying committees include stakeholders with different learning styles and content preferences. Logical (Mathematical), Physical (Kinesthetic), Visual (Spatial), and Aural (Auditory) Learners are found across companies, and they receive and retain information in different ways.

Have you considered that the success of your marketing efforts can hinge on the types of content and assets you are producing for your buyers?

Download our eBook, Connecting Tech Buying Committees How and Where They Learn – A Guide for B2B Content Marketers, to see who has the most influence in technology buying solutions, what their content preferences are, and how your content can work in a variety of formats for each Learning Type.

By section we look at:

  • Learning Types | Breaking Down Tech Buying Learning Types
  • Solitary v. Social Learners | Addressing Introverts and Extroverts
  • Content Mapping | You Don’t Have to Boil the Ocean
  • The Goal | Tying it All Together for an Effective Strategy

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