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Avnet saw an opportunity to create a cohesive cloud marketplace that would connect their global network of suppliers.

With Avnet at the center of this cloud marketplace, they aimed to continually grow their reach while helping more businesses leverage the software and services they need to succeed. The marketplace needed to reach multiple audiences with customized messages. Within those audiences, they needed to reach people that may or may not know who Avent is, what they do, or what benefits a cloud marketplace could provide.

When Avnet built its cloud marketplace, it needed to reach multiple audiences with customized messages. Within those audiences, they needed to reach people that may or may not know who Avnet is, what they do, or what benefits a cloud marketplace could provide.

Avnet came to Yeager for help with increasing awareness and driving partners to use the Avnet Cloud Marketplace. The marketplace itself is an impressive platform with many differentiating capabilities. In addition, it is a completely new way for Avnet to serve its partners.

Our job was to get this message out to target companies.

Working in collaboration with the Avnet team, we developed a marketing plan, including assets such as videos and infographics, and an awareness campaign including targeted, strategic communications and social media.

Strategic Thinking

For each target market, we researched current trends and pains. We worked with Avnet to define how Avnet Cloud Marketplace could help, and in some cases even transform the business. Then we worked this information into the messaging for each target.


Avnet works with hundreds of value added resellers (VARs) globally. VARs need to adapt their companies to how customers want to buy, and today, that is via SaaS and cloud models. Most of these partners are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with new capabilities and offerings for their customers, and the Avnet Cloud Marketplace delivers.


Independent software vendors (ISVs) need a channel to market. They create software, and can have challenges when it comes to selling their products. Avnet’s reseller partners expand the reach of ISVs, and by putting their software in the Avnet Cloud Marketplace, they have access to an entire ecosystem of partners that can help them grow.


Managed service providers (MSPs) need to offer their services in the cloud in order to stay relevant. The right cloud marketplace can help them make their move to the cloud in a cost-effective, manageable way that also helps them reach new markets. The Avnet Cloud Marketplace provides what MSPs need, and makes it easy for them to manage.

Throughout development and launch of each part of these campaigns, we analyzed results and made recommendations and changes to increase success.

The Avnet Cloud Marketplace is seeing success in several areas, and we continue outreach to drive prospects and customers to take advantage of the platform. To date the program has generated more than 650 leads across two of the email campaigns and a content syndication program. When prospects click through to an asset and provide contact information, our job isn’t complete. We nurture the prospects, and continue the conversation as they explore the Avnet Cloud Marketplace as a potential strategic part of their cloud strategy.

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