Aiming Higher for Ukrainian Relief

By Mallory Gibson

Although Yeager usually focuses on local issues and charities with our Aim Higher initiative, in March of 2022, one thing stood out at the forefront of everyone’s minds — the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. It’s easy to feel helpless when you’re watching a crisis through a screen from half a world away, but sometimes the best way to help is simply to supply financial aid.

Research was done on many charities to ensure alignment with Yeager’s values as well as finding an organization that had high marks in accountability, transparency, and financial responsibility. In the end, our team selected a humanitarian aid organization, DirectRelief, which had high marks in each of these categories.

DirectRelief is an organization that works with health professionals worldwide to address challenges associated with working in resource-poor communities and areas with varied destructive emergencies. They provide humanitarian relief in the form of health equipment — from food to medicine to boots on the ground — to areas in need.

Now in June, DirectRelief has been on the ground in Ukraine for months, working with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other partners to provide necessary medical aid to people still in the country, as well as those who have fled to neighboring areas.

According to a recent article from DirectRelief, humanitarian crises “invariably lead to a wide range of health problems.” These can include:

  • Infectious diseases, including the still-pervasive COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, TB, and polio
  • Loss of chronic care medications, like insulin, cancer treatment drugs, and more
  • Maternal health care and NICU services
  • Mental health concerns as a result of the trauma of the conflict

Yeager Marketing is proud to have donated $3,000 in partnership with our team to support DirectRelief as they provide millions of Ukrainians with the aid they need. Though it’s just a drop in the bucket of over $284 million in medical supplies donated, every bit of help counts, and we are grateful to our team and our community for aiming higher and participating in our donation matching program.

For more information, or to support DirectRelief in their aid efforts, please visit