5 Things CEOs Don’t Ask About Marketing, But Should

By Renee Yeager as featured in Entrepreneur.

It’s a common complaint – CEOs don’t understand marketing, and vice versa. So the scenario usually goes that the marketing team either gets mismanaged, or not managed enough. The issue with this is that harmony between the CEO and marketing department can mean company growth, which is obviously not something you want to miss out on. So how can this united front be achieved? Start with the five questions every CEO should be asking their marketing teams.

First, ask your marketers how you can measure marketing’s effectiveness properly. Different people quantify results differently, and it’s important to be on the same page when you’re talking about outcomes of marketing’s efforts. Secondly, pose the question of where to draw the line between sales and marketing. These two departments’ roles are often enmeshed unclearly, which is harmful to accomplishing the company’s goals. Define roles and expectations for each.

Thirdly, ask marketing how your sales team can get the best leads possible. Talk about hot leads or qualified leads is often bandied about, but as the CEO, you need to know what that means. Get sales’ input on what those leads look like to them, and then enlist marketing’s help in figuring out how to deliver those to sales.

And while these questions are a good start, there are two more you can’t afford not to ask your marketing department. For more in-depth information on this topic, and a look at those two additional questions, you can read the full article here.