4 Ways to Revamp your Marketing to Mesmerize the Crowd

By Renee Yeager as featured in Entrepreneur.

The stories you tell about your products or services are incredibly important, whether your business is brand new or has stood the test of time. Since messaging has a direct impact on the perception your buyers have about you, you can’t afford not to get it right. So if you’ve never put a microscope to your messaging, or if it’s just been awhile, there’s never a better time than the present to give it a revamp.

In order to stand out from the crowd, start by focusing on the value you offer rather than merely stating your product’s features. Features, while nice, are only going to get you so far. Your audience wants to know how your product will make them feel, or what intangibles your services can give them (like time or freedom). Secondly, be sure to express your “why.” You most likely went into business for a purpose, so let others know what that is. You’ll seem more relatable and your customers will like knowing what stokes your passion.

Thirdly, develop buyer personas to tailor your messaging toward. Already have them? Dive deeper. You should have a multilayered understanding of who you’re selling to, and what makes them tick. Lastly, don’t shy away from weaving your business’ culture into your messaging. People are drawn to strong core values and company-wide initiatives that humanize your business. Culture can elevate your brand in a very different way than your value proposition can.

To understand more about how to cut through the noise and use your messaging to distinguish yourself from the pack, read the full article here.