Top 3 Strategies for Leading a Team of Marketers

Lori Gabrielli

Lori Gabrielli, Sr. Director, Enterprise Segment & Global Accounts Field Marketing at VMware, joins host Renee Yeager to share her “Top 3 Strategies for Leading a Team of Marketers,” including investing in employees, promoting growth and creating loyalty.Lori shares insights from her wealth of experience in marketing research, analysis, and leading large organizations to shed light on how to cultivate strong, reliable teams. She discusses how to motivate different generations of employees and why investing in your team members is really about listening to them and recognizing their successes. She also dives into building loyalty and culture and how each contributes to a more productive workforce.

In addition, Renee and Lori explore the future of marketing and where technology marketers should be focusing their attention to ensure success as the industry progresses in the coming years.