Campaign Idea: Synchronized Sales Tools

Empower your customer’s buying process

Synchronized Sales Tools, a program developed by Yeager Marketing, helps you uncover the stakeholders involved in the buying process, define their needs and deliver a clear message that addresses common hurdles and objections. At any given organization encountered by your sales team, a CTO will be more interested in the impact of your technology solution on downtime, configuration management and maintenance. A CEO may respond better to a quick video or infographic, while the CIO may want to see an ROI calculator that justifies the expense of your solution. It’s important that your sales team is ready, and Yeager can help with our three-step process:

Step 1: Process Mapping

Helps you clearly understand your prospects’ vendor selection process and who influences buying decisions.

Step 2: Win/Loss Analysis

Gives you powerful, unbiased insight about what decision makers care about as it relates to your product.

Step 3: Tools Evaluation

Helps you sharpen existing sales tools and identify new tools that overcome buying objections and increase your sales wins.

This program documents and addresses the different buying scenarios you encounter to ensure you communicate the right message at the right time. With Synchronized Sales Tools, you can become the trusted advisor for your buyer, resulting in shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.

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