Campaign Idea: Executive Door Openers (EDOs)

Perfect for ABM, an Executive Door Opener (EDO) is a campaign designed to do just what its name suggests: open the door of a prospect that is difficult to reach or has not been responsive to previous attempts at contact.

To do its job, an EDO is targeted, attractive, and intriguing. It contains a short, personalized letter accompanied by an item mailed directly to the prospect. The packaging and note are designed with imagery, logos and copy that draw the prospect in and explain how your solution can solve their business problem in a high-level yet direct way. The message is designed to persuade the addressee to schedule an appointment with a sales representative to learn more about the product, and promises a higher-value item as a gift after the appointment.

Knock Knock

EDOs are not just mail-it-and-forget-it campaigns. Here’s how we can help you with an EDO.

    1. Yeager will design your EDO with your set budget in mind. We will come up with items/gifts, printing and packaging, mail and design costs and limitations, and the quantity of EDOs that will fit your budget.
    2. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect theme that ties all the pieces of your project together – email, mailer, follow-up email and phone calls – with a cohesive story.
    3. We’ll develop content specifically for your list around your product and carefully, cleverly tie in your theme, the mailing item and gift.
    4. We can pre-qualify your mailing list to include only a cherry-picked set of contacts. Your leads list will be both verified and qualified so that you can be sure they’ll receive and appreciate your EDO, which will maximize your return on investment.
    5. We can help you prepare the sales team. We’ll send your sales reps a copy of the EDO content and educate them on the program so they’ll know what their prospects are receiving and how to engage with them afterward.
    6. We’ll help you follow through and stay on schedule, so your sales reps and your customers are delighted by your EDO campaign.


There are no limits to the creative campaigns you can create or the benefits you can receive.

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