7 Ways to Create Joy for Your Customers

It’s said that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Whoever your customers might be – end users, sales teams or channel partners – you can always use new ways to make them happy. With just a little bit of extra effort and attention, you’ll foster lasting, successful partnerships and create evangelists for your business.

1. Deliver Holistic Value

Your customers, internal and external, come to you for value. To deliver holistic value beyond what they might expect, give them value high, which is the best product or service you can possibly provide, and value wide. This is where you anticipate how a product or service might be used, identify creative opportunities and offer suggestions to drive additional value beyond what was originally anticipated. Holistic value drives joy that is contagious and long-lasting.

2. Save Them a Step

Look for little ways to make life easier for the customer in everything you deliver. What will they be doing with your product or service after you deliver it to them? Will they need to share it internally? What could you do that would eliminate that extra work for them? When you save customers a step you make it easier to work with you and give them something everyone finds joy in – extra time.

3. Be Proactive

Bring ideas to the table when you have them. Don’t wait for your customers to ask you for new solutions. Then reach out, follow up and make sure they’re making the most of the product or service you are providing them.

4. Socialize

Everyone feels a little joy when they are liked on social media. Tap into that by following your customers on social media and making an effort to retweet and share their corporate social posts and PPC ads.

5. Get Creative

Avoid clichés and buzzwords in order to put an extra little kick into your email nurture. Use humor and reach for an emotional connection whenever you can.

6. Call ‘Em Out

See a quote, article or statistic praising one of your customers or their products and services? Help to extend that joy by putting it in your newsletter or posting it on your social channels. Show them that their success matters to you.

7. Mug ‘Em

Send your customers a small gift out of the blue with no sales pitch attached. Food, quality clothing, and coffee mugs are always appreciated. Pro tip: send customized, client-branded items rather than using your company logo.